An Almond In A Sea of Lemon Drops: Black Girl in Asia

Greeted by tall sky scrappers encompassed by a thick gray smog, I found myself alone in a foreign country for the first time in my life. I came to Shanghai, China to study at Fudan University for four months, the spring semester of my junior year of college. I created this blog before I went to China with the intent of writing about my adventures and experiences. However, I became so preoccupied with my internship, culture shock, and the most challenging language class I’ve ever taken, that I let the entire semester go by without me visiting my blog once.

Now it’s a little over a year since then and I am an proud alumna of Spelman College who has chosen to continue to leave her footprints around the world. I am currently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia through a fellowship program where I am able to work at The Phnom Penh Post as a journalist for a year, coming straight out of undergrad! However, the different global environments I have chosen to place myself in are not places frequented by people of the African diaspora. As I stumble amidst a crowd of staring eyes, I stand out as something foreign to  these Asian societies. Living in this context as a black woman is a particularly rare experience that I’d like to share. Through this blog, I will compare my experiences in China with my experiences in Cambodia, as well as my experiences in other global contexts. So look out for more posts soon!


4 thoughts on “An Almond In A Sea of Lemon Drops: Black Girl in Asia

  1. D'Janet Ahyoung

    First off, I’m so glad you’ve chosen to spend the year in Cambodia! I’m sure you are already figuring out that it is such a rewarding experience! I love that you’ve started this blog not only to share your experiences and insights, but also to reflect on the good and not so pleasant times now, and in the future. You are the epitome of a Spelman Woman, who travels the world to share her gifts and learn from others! I’m so very proud of you! Remember you always have your family, friends, Spelman sisters and all whom you consider your support system to count on and to come back home to once this time is over. But for now live in the moment! Enjoy being the woman to be admired and to get to know ;). I know that all who stare at you with curiosity, also are amazed, that someone so beautiful, intelligent, and thoughtful traveled so many miles to learn more about their culture. You are a rare stone that all gravitate towards. Stay bright and focused! You’ll do amazing things!! Love you sister!!!!!!

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