An Early Thai Excursion

Today has been a good day. Even though my reason for being here is based off of misfortune, I am fortunate to have this experience. I’m in Bangkok, Thailand! 

A street food vendor in Thailand
As you may know, I’m doing a media fellowship with the Phnom Penh Post in Cambodia for a year. I just started working a few weeks ago and just moved into my own apartment last Friday. I haven’t unpacked and I am the furthest thing away from settled. 

So why am I in Bangkok? 

I had to do a “border run.” Meaning, due to some miscommunication, I got the wrong visa upon arrival and have to flee the country and return in order to get my yearlong work visa. So what better place to go than Thailand? Thanks to the “Two Kingdoms, One Visa” law and an amazing PiA fellow willing to host me, Thailand was clearly the most affordable and comfortable option. I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand so it turned out to be a win-win.


More Thai Street Food
Since I’ve been here I’ve eaten an incredibly spicy Thai mushroom soup, tried strange fruit(that I still don’t know the names of) sold on the street, and have tried “Japanese cold bread.” It was such a treat! A mountain of milky ice covered in what seemed to be chocolate syrup and soft Oreos surrounded by a pond of milk and accompanied by actual chunks of bread! It was a delicious treat and definitely something worth trying.     

I’m off to making the most of my weekend here. Later ✌🏾️


An Almond In A Sea of Lemon Drops: Black Girl in Asia

Greeted by tall sky scrappers encompassed by a thick gray smog, I found myself alone in a foreign country for the first time in my life. I came to Shanghai, China to study at Fudan University for four months, the spring semester of my junior year of college. I created this blog before I went to China with the intent of writing about my adventures and experiences. However, I became so preoccupied with my internship, culture shock, and the most challenging language class I’ve ever taken, that I let the entire semester go by without me visiting my blog once.

Now it’s a little over a year since then and I am an proud alumna of Spelman College who has chosen to continue to leave her footprints around the world. I am currently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia through a fellowship program where I am able to work at The Phnom Penh Post as a journalist for a year, coming straight out of undergrad! However, the different global environments I have chosen to place myself in are not places frequented by people of the African diaspora. As I stumble amidst a crowd of staring eyes, I stand out as something foreign to  these Asian societies. Living in this context as a black woman is a particularly rare experience that I’d like to share. Through this blog, I will compare my experiences in China with my experiences in Cambodia, as well as my experiences in other global contexts. So look out for more posts soon!